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I wonder were anti bronies get off thinking that bronies don’t want little girls watching the show. I mean do they have any proof of this out side of “because some anti brony said so” or anonymous messages or that one nut job flipping out over a coloring book. Because,…

I appreciate your polite demeanor. I shall respond in kind. I have observed male bronies calling female bronies fake fans or pegasister. This does offend me. Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do about jerks in our fandom. However we can do something about the clop on Facebook. I was unaware of this since I only use Facebook to keep in contact with friends and family. I’ll try and guide people in that direction next #safe search wrap up. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

No problem UwU Thank you, too.


I wonder were anti bronies get off thinking that bronies don’t want little girls watching the show. I mean do they have any proof of this out side of “because some anti brony said so” or anonymous messages or that one nut job flipping out over a coloring book. Because, I can show proof of thousands of bronies making google safe search and YouTube safe for little girls. I’m starting to think that the remaining anti bronies are just a bunch of wackos making up thinks about bronies so they have something to complain about. idk prove me wrong.

Well, there are actually bronies practically saying this themselves. Have you really gotten to know this fandom? Like, legitimately? Let me explain this to you.

A vast majority of the bronies I’ve observed are so insecure about watching a little kids’ show that they bitch and moan about how MLP is literally not targeted at little girls, and that it’s actually targeted at grown ass men(as if they didn’t have enough shit catering to their needs). They say kids don’t have any business googling pictures of their favourite characters because they need their porn and there’s too much effort to be put into flagging not-okay stuff as NSFW. I’ve even seen horror stories of younger girls(granted, she was thirteen, but my point still stands)being bullied off of websites where people talk about My Little Pony because she was a girl. Not only that, but have you seen the official HUB page on Facebook? Whenever they post a My Little Pony post(sometimes it’s not even related to MLP, euugh), there’s pony porn all over the goddamn place. On the official. Hub. Page.

So, yeah, not trying to be rude to you, so I’m sorry if I come off that way. But, the way you’re speaking up there makes me think that you confine yourself to watching the show and haven’t really seen more than maybe three or four people in the fandom. And that’s good. Don’t delve any deeper, because this fandom is gross.

So, my 5-year-old niece found clop today.


On Google. With Safe-Search on.

Before I begin, let me just say my niece, Sarah, loves MLP.  She loves the TV show, has lots of toys and stuffed animals, and has a room decorated with MLP things.  She takes the lessons she learns to heart, and looks up to the ponies as role models, almost.  She acknowledges girls can be strong because of this show.  It’s very important to her, and it has a great influence on her.

She came into the kitchen, solemnly quiet, and didn’t say anything or do anything but pick at the snack I made her. I was watching her for a few hours for my aunt, and had let her go on the internet to watch the newer episodes of MLP she missed. Her mother was also letting her print out pictures to decorate her folder with.

When I asked her what was wrong, she asked me if I would be mad. I asked her, “Why would I be mad?” which she replied to with “I saw something bad. I didn’t mean to, it was just there.”

I was a little concerned she’d switched safe-search off on accident and found some dirty pictures or whatever, since those things can come up in completely unrelated searches (and, mind you, she’s 5, so she’s not looking up porn on her own and her parents have an adult content lock on her computer for porn sites and whatnot). But, low and behold, she showed me what she’d found.

It was your basic pony porn, and a brutal one, in fact.  It was really pretty god damn disgusting (implied rape, actually). I won’t go into graphic detail, but it was a Twilight Sparkle and Discord pairing that was put in the form of a comic page.  I looked up different variations of My Little Pony to see what would come up with Safe Search, and to my surprise, a lot of NSFW art slipped through the cracks and were on the results page. With. Safe Search. On.

She was really quiet the rest of the day, and I had to explain this to my aunt when she got home, who had to have a long talk with my niece about what she saw. My niece was very upset about seeing innocent characters from her favorite show being subjected to rape.

It’s a pretty big thing to see porn of your favorite TV show characters at a young age being fucked up the ass by a giant monster when all you want to see is episodes and pretty art of the show itself. My niece should not have to be cautious looking up a show TARGETED towards girls her age.  She should not be afraid to look up a show made for her in fear of seeing art of her favorite characters being raped and sexually tortured. 

It’s sad when my aunt can’t let her child go online for a child’s show without worrying about what she’s going to see because Bronies have snatched the show up for their own personal interests and desires and stolen from the children the show is actually for.

The people replying to this are really disgusting.

"Not all bronies are like that! Weeeehhhh!"

"Well the parents should have been watching her! Bleeeggghh!"

Really? You’re blaming the victim when all you have to do is go into google safe search and flag stuff that’s inappropriate so that the TARGET MOTHERFUCKING AUDIENCE can enjoy what they love? This is why I refuse to call myself a brony. This community is so disgusting.


It sounds so goddamn stupid
And I never know what’s real
My heart’s in fifty places
And I don’t know what I feel

I act so fucking careless
Frivolous, if you may
But even if I jump around
For you, I’m here to stay

I put you through a lot of shit
You’re always there for me
And even if I don’t show it
Your words fill me with glee

Your kindness leaves tears in my eyes
And it pains me to think
My idiocy could ruin what we have
And cause us both to sink

Fucking men


So I was working the present window, and a cute dude came through, he asked me.
“how are you so thin if you work at mcdonalds”
So naturally my first thought was
“yay I’m getting hit on! Somebody thinks I’m cute!”
So I’m like
“oh yeah, I have a fast metabolism.”
So his next question was
“oh are you under 18?”
So naaaaaturalllly my first thought is
“oh man, he wants to make sure I.m legal”
And I’m like
“why?” Cause I want him to ask me out or something
And he goes like
“cause usually that goes away after 18”
So I say
“naw, that was 2 years ago”
In an attempt to assure him I am of legality…
And all this ugly bastard says is
“oh, lucky you then”

God, I hate men so much, just fucking stringing me along like that!

would u say that u have been



If its ok to say “Die cis scum” it should be ok to say “Die Tranny scum.”

If its ok to say “If you’re strait, kill yourself” it should be ok to say “Fags go to hell”

If its ok to say “Kill all men” it should be ok to say “Rape all women.”

If its ok to say “White people deserve to die” it should be ok to say “Black people deserve to be slaves.”

If you are ok with any set of those statements, you are what is wrong with the world.

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